I feel like I’m the back up friend in all my friendships. No one talks to me unless I talk to them first and no one answers my calls when I need them. So I’m just done trying.


Miss na miss na kita

Sana magkita nalang tayo ulit kapag mas matanda na tayo

Kapag kaya na natin ang mga sarili natin

Kapag handa na tayo sa totoong mundo

Kapag sigurado na tayo sa mga gusto natin

Kapag hindi na tayo gulong gulo sa mga isip natin

Sana sa panahong yon pwede ka pa

Sana pwede pa tayo

Sana mahintay mo ako

Sana mahintay kita

Sana pwede pa nating subukin ulit


Lately, I have been feeling lost so I am really trying to remember myself.

I thought of things that I like and enjoy and things that I just really really hate.

Here it is

I don’t watch a lot of movies. I hardly listen to today’s music. I don’t like taking pics. I hate going out. I hate waiting. I hate guessing. I hate when people tell me what to do. I am a boring person and to be perfectly honest I don’t really give a damn about anything.

That’s probably my dark side lol. Here’s the light:

I like being at home. I love cooking for people. I love seafood. I love dogs and pet fishes and taking care of plants. I dont know maybe i just really like trying to keep things alive. Sometimes I write, sometimes I paint, sometimes I journal. I love walking around museums or just simply seeing street vandals or tiny tattoos on strangers. Art means so much to me. I enjoy solitude a lot. I love adventures. I love to learn new things. I want to travel and see all the beauty in the world.


Do we have things in common? I hope we do! Please leave a message so we can talk about our lives. 😂

I seriously need a break from Facebook and Instagram so I uninstalled both apps and decided to open them again on December. (yasss!)

I wonder what my accounts would be like that time. I’m quite excited. Lolllll

I am staying overnight at my friend’s apartment, making revisions of our thesis paper

We are drinking hot coffee while typing on our netbooks and put face masks on our faces and call it ‘self-care’

Lol okay

I love it.